January 2020


  • fixed invoice status not being updated to paid when terminal POS is used
  • Polish pass on activity report logs
  • Increased display time of errors and notifications
  • Products ordered alphabetically in invoice items
  • Fixed product quantity not being updated
  • Invoice items now retain title of product in case product is deleted
  • Fixed member group dropdowns not searching customers
  • Smartwaiver import utility fixes
  • Fixed error generating revenue reports


  • Day Pass Groups - Add multiple customers to a single day pass
  • Customer Documents - Upload documents to customer profiles
  • Added support for archiving a product
  • Added support for tax exempt products
  • Added option to mark invoice as paid from invoice index
  • Added support for importing members via Smartwaiver CSV
  • Added support data exports under reports/revenue
  • Added support for minors and minor waivers


  • All dates now appear in local time (local to your time zone)
We've also added support to accounts for upgrading your SportKeeper subscription plan.
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