Coupons are powerful in that they can be applied to invoices, memberships, and event bookings. Coupons are also tied to Gift Cards in that, when a Gift Card is sold, it creates a coupon within the system. The coupon is what is used when applying a discount to an invoice, membership, or event booking.
When creating a coupon, you have several options that can be utilized.
Choose Supporting Types
Coupons can be applied to invoices, memberships, and events. When selecting "memberships" as a supporting type, we'll also create the coupon in your Stripe account, so that it can be applied to the membership when the coupon is claimed.
Choose Amount or Percent
Coupons can either be based on a flat amount, like $5.00, or a percentage, like 50%. A coupon cannot be both flat rate and percentage based.
Coupon Code
Designate a unique code for this coupon. You have the option of specifying the code itself, but if you don't choose one, we'll automatically save the one we generated. This is the code that's going to be entered when creating Invoices and Memberships.
Membership Coupon Information
These options are used when the coupon is designated to support memberships. There are two options which control how the coupon is applied to the membership.
Duration - (once, repeating, forever) - Describes how long a customer who applies this coupon will get the discount.
Duration in Months - (number) - Only applies if the duration is "repeating". If duration is repeating, the number of months the coupon applies.
Here's a couple examples. A coupon with Duration - once, and Duration in Months - 1, means the coupon will only be applied to the first month. As another example, a coupon with Duration - repeating, and Duration 3, will have the coupon applied to the first 3 months.
Redemption Settings
Redeem By - Date after which the coupon can no longer be redeemed.
Max Redemptions - Maximum number of times this coupon can be redeemed, in total, before it is no longer valid.
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