You can think of an Invoice like a payment, only it's a payment for a lot of things at once. For example, say a member wants to rent a bag of chalk and a pair of shoes. Or maybe someone wants to buy a gift card, and two bottles of water. Invoices are how you will collect payments when selling multiple items at once.
Invoices are typically paid at the time of creation, and as such will automatically create an attached payment. Invoices will also account for tax rates if you have the rate saved.
Creating an invoice is simple. Let's walk through what's needed.
Add Invoice Items
Add items to be charged for. Products are what will populate the searchable dropdown menu. After selecting a product, you can adjust the quantity. Invoice totals are updates in real-time.
Gift cards are sold via invoices. The Gift Card must first be setup as a type of Product. Once setup, the Gift Card option will appear along with the other products in the dropdown menu.
Select a Member
Choose an existing member to attach this invoice to. If the member has purchased in the past, then we'll use the members attached payment source.
Coupon/Gift Card
Enter the unique coupon code here to claim the discount.
Choose Payment Method
We currently support three payment options for invoices:
  • Card - This payment method will require manually entering the credit card in order to be processed.
  • Cash - Selecting this payment method will hide the credit card form, and will set it up so that the payment will automatically be saved.
  • Terminal - Selecting this method will being the Stripe Terminal connection process.
Sport Keeper currently has no connection to a physical cash drawer for the "cash" payment option.
Last modified 3yr ago
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