Day Passes
Day passes are another unique type of temporary membership, and can be created in any quantity. A Day Pass is created and saved as a type of Product.
To create a day pass for selling to your customers, start by creating a new product. Choose "Day Pass" as the type of product. For the title of the product, formatting it like the following examples will automatically set the max number of punches.
A product named "25 Days Pass" or "Day Pass 25", will create a day pass with a limit of 25 days. That is to say, the member can check in as many times as they like until the day pass expires 25 days from the date of purchase. Need only 1 day? Title is "1 Day Pass". Simple! As long as you have the number in the title, you're good to go.
A member with a valid day pass can check in just like someone with a membership or punch card.

Day Pass Group

You can easily add other members to a day pass, and those members will be able to check in under that day pass. This is really helpful in situations where you'll sell one day pass, to two or more different people in the same visit.
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