Memberships are what your members pay for on a recurring basis. A membership is attached to a plan, and a membership has many payments. A membership can be in one of several different states, depending on a variety of conditions. First lets go over what makes up a membership.
  • Status: Can be active, past_due, canceled, unpaid, free, or pending
  • Expiration: The date that the membership will expire. This is automatically updated after a successful membership payment is recorded in the system.
  • Member Group ID: The ID of the member group, if any. This is optional in most cases, but needed when creating a family or membership.
  • Membership Plan: The plan that the members is subscribed to.
  • Payment Method: Can be card or bank. Card goes through Stripe. Bank is ACH and goes through ACH Works.
  • Merchant Subscription ID: When the membership payment method is card, this would be the Stripe subscription ID.
A Membership is considered valid if all of the following requirements are met:
  • it's status is set to free OR
  • it's status is active and not expired
  • member has signed waiver


A membership begins as active. If the membership payment fails, the membership is marked as past due. Stripe will continue to collect payment based on your retry settings within Stripe. After the last attempt, the membership will me marked as unpaid.
If a member cancels their membership, the membership is marked as canceled.
A membership that is setup through ACH starts as pending. Once the first payment clears 3-7 days later, it will move to active.

Changing Plans

Memberships can be updated on the fly with a simple interface. If the membership is going through Stripe, we'll show you a preview of what it will cost to make the changes to the plan. By default prorations are set to false, but you can change this within your facility settings.
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