Plans are what your members will be subscribed to and billed on a recurring basis. Each member has a membership, which is linked to the plan. Let's go over what makes up a plan.
  • Name: The name of the plan. Shown on credit card statements.
  • Description: Optional, and used internally to identify the plan.
  • Amount: The amount that the member will be charged.
  • Interval: One of day, week, month or year. The frequency with which a membership should be billed.
  • Interval Count: The number of intervals between membership billings.
  • Product: The Service Product that the plan is attached to.
Plans must be synced with Stripe! This is important for recurring memberships who are paying via credit card. When you are creating plans for the first time, tick the box to also create the plan and its options on Stripe for you automatically.
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