Your members will sign digital waivers before becoming a part of your facility. The digital waiver is presented as a web form. The member will fill out the information, provide emergency contacts, then at the very end will tick a box which will serve as their digital signature.


Here you will create and manage the different types of waivers for your facility. At minimum you'll want to create two waivers; one to serve as the primary waiver that all customers will sign, and one to serve as a minor waiver that a parent or guardian will sign on behalf of the minor.
To create a primary waiver:
Go to Waivers, and click the "New Waiver" button at the top right.
Give the Waiver a Name, and a short description. The description is used internally. Then, paste in your waiver into the Content. Feel free to edit and stylize as needed. This is the waiver content itself and is shown to customers completing the waiver.
If this is the primary waiver, check the Primary Waiver box. If this is the minor waiver (the one signed by the parent or guardian on behalf of the minor), then check the Primary Minor Waiver box.
Click "Create Waiver" when done.
You can create as many waivers as you like, but you can only have one primary, and one minor primary waiver.
A primary waiver is at least required in order for the waiver component and Smartwaiver Import Utility tools to function correctly


After a customer digitally signs the waiver, it's stored as a record for reference. Here you can search though existing signed waivers. You can additionally print a signed waiver at anytime.
When a customer signs a waiver, a copy of the waiver at the time it was signed is stored on the signature record.
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