Going Live

Last updated 7 days ago

SportKeeper can be operating in "test mode" or "live mode".

Test Mode

When in testing mode, you can safely create card transactions for testing purposes. These transactions are processed in your Stripe account under "test mode".

For your convenience, you can use the following credit card numbers while in test mode. Use any expiration in the future, with any CVC and zipcode.

Card Number


4242 4242 4242 4242

Successful charge

4000 0000 0000 0002

Card decline

You can verify that your facility is in test mode if you see the "test mode" label within your dashboard.

Label indicating that this instance is in "Test Mode"

Live Mode

Clicking the "test mode" label will take you to the main site, and will have you re-connect to Stripe. The first time you connected to Stripe, we connected in test mode. Stripe requires a 2nd connection when going live. It's super easy!

After connecting to Stripe again, your facility is set! At any time you can revoke access by going to your Facility Settings under your Account.