Member Checkins
Members can be checked into the facility via one of three methods:
  • manually checking them in
  • kiosk pinpad checkin
  • kiosk automatic checkin
Which method you choose is entirely up to your facility, but we at least recommend the first two at a minimum.

Manual Checkins

  1. 1.
    Search for the member by last name using the global search
  2. 2.
    When located, click the button that says "Check In".
  3. 3.
    If there are no alerts, you'll get a success message.
If a member does not have a waiver signed, or their membership is not valid, then you'll immediate get a notification so that you can talk to the member to get the issue resolved.

Pinpad Checkin

Enable the option under

Automatic Checkin

This method uses an external barcode scanner. See Kiosk Usage.