Kiosk Usage
Our Kiosk module is designed to be displayed on an iPad at your facilities front desk. The Kiosk has been designed for use on mobile devices, so we recommend utilizing iPads, or cheap Android tablets for this purpose. Read how to setup your kiosk here.
Utilizing Kiosk Mode within Sport Keeper takes a lot of work off of your front end staff. New members can fill out waivers, and large groups can check themselves in on their own. You can of course opt to not have this setup, however we strongly recommend it. In the case of no Kiosk being setup, you'll need to manually check in each member.
If you decide to utilize the Kiosk, it's important to know how we designed it to run.

Minimum Setup

This type of setup assumes you have one internet connected tablet. The tablet will be in Kiosk mode, and will let members complete waivers, or check in via searching their last name. Large groups can also check themselves in utilizing this setup.
This recommended setup requires the previously mentioned tablet at the front desk, running in Kiosk mode. You'll also want to disable the pinpad entry option on this station, so that the kiosk will always display the waiver for new members.
Then you'll want to add a 2nd tablet, connected to automatic barcode scanner. This setup will live underneath the counter at the front-desk, so we recommend using inexpensive tablet like the Amazon Fire Tablet.
Members will enter your facility, and scan their barcode in order to be checked in.
In both setups, the dashboard of Sport Keeper will display check ins in real time. If any member has an issue with their membership, the notification will be displayed in red, allowing you to catch the member and have them correct their membership issue.