Selling Gift Cards

  1. Create a new Product with a product type of Gift Card.

  2. Set the amount to reflect the amount of the Gift Card that you'll be selling.

  3. Leave the rest of the options as they are, and leave the Stripe Sync box unchecked

  4. Click "Create Product"

Let's assume you've created a gift card for $50, and you now want to sell this to a member.

  1. Go to Invoices, and click the "New Invoice" button

  2. Under the product, select the Gift Card product you created above

  3. Two new fields will show, once for Gift Card Name, and one for Gift Card Email

  4. Select the payment type, the member, enter payment info, and click "Create Invoice."

A couple of different things will happen at this point:

  1. A coupon will be created on Stripe, useable once, for the amount you specified in the above steps when creating the product.

  2. An internal Coupon will be created referencing the Stripe coupon.

  3. A Gift Card record will be created, referencing the Product, and the Coupon

You can verify that the Gift Card was created correctly when viewing the invoice, after it was created. A member can redeem the gift card when joining for the first time, or the gift card can be applied to a single invoice payment.