Barcode Scanner
SportKeeper supports automatic checkins from the Kiosk with barcodes. A lot of gyms give their members tags that fit on key chains, and contains the members unique barcode. The member can enter the gym and swipe their barcode to check themselves in.
You don't need a fancy expensive barcode scanner for this to work. When developing this software, I bought a $20 scanner off of Amazon. You'll probably want one that is automatic, meaning you don't have to squeeze a trigger to scan a code. The member just waves their key tag under the scanner.
Since these barcode scanners are USB driven, you'll want to buy some USB adaptors for use with Android Tablets. This part is important! There are some issues with the way iOS handles inputs, which means need to utilize Android based tablets.
This isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially if you have a large gym with multiple Kiosks running automatic checkin mode. The cost savings is significant.
Click here to learn how to setup your kiosk for automatic checkins.
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